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Travel Arrangment


20129 Milan (Italy)
via F. Ozanam, 8


+ 39 02 29517631
+ 39 02 29523542


Submission of abstracts
30 June 2011

Last day to get pre-registration rates
31 July 2011

Author notification
15 July 2011

Late abstracts (posters only)
15 July 2011

Rooms are not guaranteed after:
15 July 2011

Advanced program
August 2011


General Informations

The 3rd-Internationa Nuclear Chemistry Congress (3rd-INCC) will be held at the Hotel & Resort "Città del Mare", Terrasini - Palermo - Sicily - Italy from 18 - 23 September 2011.
The accomodation of all delegates will be reserved at this Resort. For more details, plase click here.


The number "three" has three special meanings at this congress.

Three is the perfect number.

The old name of the Sicily Island is Trinakria which means: "with three points".

Three as the headland that bound the Sicily Island, land fertile and rich, in the center of Mediterranean Sea.


The emblem of the Sicily Island is the head of the Medusa (one of the Gorgons) from which three legs that run one after the other are coming out.

The legs are the symbol of:

  • the sun in its three figures: Deus of the Spring, Deus of the Summer and Deus of the Winter,  or
  • the Moon,  or
  • more symply of the movement.


And  three is also the number of this edition of the International Nuclear Chemistry Congress.

To the ancient Italians, the Sicily was very important for several reasons: its sunshine, heat, crystal clear water of the sea, colours, fragrances, corn and the sprawling hills green during the spring and sunburnt during the summer. Everything is harmonized to make it a Land of the Myth. That myth can still be found here in the diversity of the scenaries, genuine flavours of its products, power of the nature such as the still active vulcanos and beautiful monuments, that reveal how the Mediterranean culture has found here its roots.


  • Travel

Sicily can be easily reached by air directly from Europe. For participants arriving from other continents it may be necessary to transfer from the international airports such as in Rome and Milan.

Taxis are available for transfer between the airport and Città del Mare. Rental cars is also available at the airport and city locations. In particular Europe Car Rent has a pick up in the Palermo Airport and in Città del Mare.

It probably will organize a transfer from the Palermo airport to Città del Mare on Sunday 18 Sept.


  • Language

The official language of the conference is English.  No simultaneous translation from and to other languages will be availablet


  • Currency, exchange, credit cards

The official currency in Italy is Euro (for currency converter click here).  Exchange facilities are available at the airports, in the Resort and banks. ATMs are also common.

American Express, Visa, Diners, Eurocard and Master Card are accepted in hotels, first class restaurants and city stores, but you should ask or look for the logo of your card before ordering a service.


  • Insurance

The Organizing Committee cannot assume any responsibility for injuries or losses occurred to persons or personal belongings during the Conference. Participants are therefore strongly advised to have their own valid insurance package, covering travel, medical, etc.


  • Electricity supply

In Italy, electricity supply is 220 V, 50 Hz. The 3-pin plug is different from that used in some other countries, e.g. the USA, the UK, Australia and Japan.

An Italian grounded adapter plug looks like this:



  • Weather

Palermo is the regional capital and Sicily's largest urban area. Sunny Palermo typically has less rainfall annually than any other large city in Italy.

The typical daytime temperature in September is 27-220C (81-720F).  You can find more datails at Best Sicily link.

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