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Travel Arrangment


20129 Milan (Italy)
via F. Ozanam, 8


+ 39 02 29517631
+ 39 02 29523542


Submission of abstracts
30 June 2011

Last day to get pre-registration rates
31 July 2011

Author notification
15 July 2011

Late abstracts (posters only)
15 July 2011

Rooms are not guaranteed after:
15 July 2011

Advanced program
August 2011


Sponsors & Exibition



Based on the experience of the two previous Conferences of this series, for the scientific aspects treated and the location, we expect the attendance of about 200 delegates from local, national and international organizations.

The budget of conferences of this type is rather tight. Therefore, external sponsorship is sought to help the organisers to bring to the conference high-quality researchers to present their most recent work and to give opportunities to students and young scientists to interact with these researchers, present their own projects and explore future carriers.

Any sponsorship of the conference activities would be most welcome. Both direct financial support and sponsorship of specific Conference activities are acceptable. All sponsors will be gratefully  acknowledged in the Conference materials and/or during the respective activity.

The list of the sponsors will be also presented in this web-site.

On behalf of the International Advisor Board of the Congress, I would like to invite you to sponsor 3rd-INCC.

For additional information on sponsorship, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 3rd-INCC.



An exhibition will be held in conjunction with the technical programme of 3rd-INCC.

The exhibition will cover new technologies, equipment, technical and management services in all areas related to the theme of the Conference including, but not limited, to:

  1. radiation detection and measurement;
  2. radiochemical separation technologies and instrumentation;
  3. radiopharmaceuticals, radiodiagnostics, labelled compounds;
  4. publications in nuclear sciences;
  5. radioactive waste management;
  6. decontamination and decommissioning;
  7. radioanalytical services;
  8. industrial application of radioisotopes and ionising radiation;
  9. radionuclides production and marketing, etc

Companies involved in the above and related fields are invited to participate in the exhibition to display their latest innovations and interact with the participants from all over the world.

The exhibitors' space will be assigned on a "first come, first served" basis. The names of all exhibitors will be placed in the conference materials and also presented in this web-site.

There also exist a possibility to organize an oral session during which the exhibitors can present their products and methods to the audience.

For additional information on the availability of space, utility and cost, please contact us at: 3rd-INCC


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